Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inspired by another's artist retreat

I was inspired by Erika Lee Sears and her idea for an artist retreat.  Erika lives in Portland, Oregon, and creates wonderful oil paintings.  She hopes to go to on an artist retreat to Hong Kong and has even created a way others can all help her reach that goal by setting up a site so please go check that out here.  She even has things you can get for pledging various amounts.  So cool.

I thought that was such a great idea.  A break from the daily routine and interruptions and a chance to focus on art.  I would like to do that too!  However, I can't really go anywhere right now (bummer!).  But I thought why not set aside some time, a few days or maybe almost a week, and really focus on art.  Not just my own art.  I think I will visit museums and galleries.  Maybe spend sometime in nature.  Play with techniques and experiment.  And really give some thought to what I want to create and why.

I've cleared some time in my schedule for approximately the second week of April.  I might have to change that, should something come up, but for now it looks good.  So I'll get my house clean and the errands run before and I won't schedule any social events (unless with another artist, hey, that's a good idea!).  I will just keep it as much about art as I possibly can.  As much as my four year old will let me anyway.

And of course I'll share things about it here.  Good luck Erika and thanks for the great idea!

One other thing, I attended the reception on Friday for the Parks for People show, in which I was invited to participate, and I did a blog post about it here.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Wow! Thank you so much ! :) I appreciate all the help!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

You're so welcome Erika! Hope it all works out wonderfully.